The Devil has had enough. He wants to create himself an Anti-Christ, kickstart Armageddon and be done with his whole rotten existence.

Unfortunately, after an incident known in Satanic circles as The Night Of The Diabolic Flopper, he has to throw the role of Anti-Christ open to public competition.

Cowle, a demon who has slithered to prominence in recent decades as head of Hell’s entertainment division, has plans to go even further and introduce reality TV to the Principality. He takes charge of the process of finding contestants to battle it out in a series of challenges – whoever is left standing at the end… or in point of fact, whoever is left not thrown into pits of fire with sharp things through their tender bits, will become Satan’s Apprentice, and will be invested with all the powers of the Anti-Christ.

The punters’ money might be on Max Marshall, disgraced US senator, or ‘Decaying Flesh Johnson’ from black metal band Oozing Filth, but Cowle himself is watching disappointed London office worker Muggeridge Peebles (known to the people who call themselves his friends as ‘Muggins’), who has a familiar glint in his eye.

Who will win the ultimate prize in a reality show where ‘You’re Fired!’ has a whole new connotation?