Requiem For The Rocket Men

Requiem For The Rocket Men

Requiem For The Rocket Men

The rocket men have always had a classic 50s movie-serial feel to them. Indeed, in a science fiction context, the very notion that men with weapons who simply strap rocket packs to their back could be an enormous threat seems vaguely laughable in the 21st century (though of course it’s true that we haven’t quite got ubiquitous rocket pack technology yet). The idea has that ‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane?’ sense of 50s over-excitement, and the two previous rocket men stories fitted into that vibe very well – they were Companion Chronicle stories, so most of the heavy lifting was done by companion narration, and they were tailored around the particular personalities and the particular dilemmas of two of the First Doctor’s finest male companions – Ian Chesterton and Steven Taylor. There was a theme to the narration too – ‘When do you know?’

Tony took a final flight, as a Requiem For The Rocket Men.


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