Kazran Sardick – Companion Piece

Michael Gambon as Kazran Sardick

Kazran Sardick – Ebenezer Scrooge a la Who.

What then, are we to make of Kazran Sardick, a man whose life is relatively mercilessly messed with, whose whole personality the Doctor intends to change by virtue of time travel, ultimately so that at the particular point when the Doctor needs him to be a nicer person than he is, he will be, opening up the clouds on the planet of flying sharks, to allow Rory and Amy’s ship to land safely, rather than crashing and killing them both. Is Kazran ‘just a person’ or is he a proper companion, like the Ponds?

Tony looked back at Kazran Sardick, the central figure in Matt Smith’s first Christmas Special, A Christmas Carol.


Read the piece here.

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