Cool Links

Here’s a list of cool links, some writing-related, some not. They’ve improved our lives immeasurably. They could probably do the same for you.



Writing Magazine – one of the leading UK writing magazines.

Writer’s Forum Competitions Page – the other one, with competitions.

Agenthunter – online listings for literary agents.

Writers and Artists Yearbook – online listings for literary agents, but with a book too.

Youwriteon – Online writing group for peer review and professional publisher critique.

Goodreads – Social network for writers.

P.S.Brooks – Writer,  and illustrator of all the fabulous character art on this site.

Computer Graphic Training Ltd – Builders of this website, and designers of the logo. Dog-lovers, but still cool, surprisingly.

Jefferson Franklin Editing – Professional editing services at a discount price. It’s not just us that says so, honest!

News and Entertainment

Upworthy – Because not everyone’s an idiot.

The Smartest Man In The World – Greg Proops’ podcast, for all those who still miss Bill Hicks.

Jezebel – Because… women.

The Maddow Blog – Feel the facts.

Warped Factor – For the geeks down in Geekville. Every fandom represented. Plus, I write for them.

Mitch Benn – Funny songs, and now proper sci-fi books too.


Fellow Writers of Coolness



PS Brooks

J Emovon



Gail Williams

Matthew Hole


Tony Hogger – Warrior King Legacy

Emma Rose Millar and Kevin  Allen – Five Guns Blazing



Wendy Jones

Blackfeather – Nel Ashley

The Letter – Kathryn Hughes


Graeme Cumming – Ravens Gathering


General Fiction

PM Wilson

Siobhan Daiko