Tubal Cain, the Fairy

Tubal Cain the fairy, in leather jacket, grinning.

Tubal Cain…grinning, having just arrived in the human world, where all the best toys are. Artwork by PSBrooks.com.

Tubal Cain is the world’s worst fairy.

As a youngster, he was thrown out of his Elementary Wandwork class after accidentally turning his tutor into a pumpkin.

He has also taken every conceivable wing-growth potion on the market, to no effect.

Tubal Cain is a whyad, a member of a fairy enclave known to ask endless questions and get on everybody’s nerves.

Banned from the use of magic in the Fairy Kingdom as a danger to himself and others, he makes his way by ducking and diving, taking what he can get and selling what can make him a profit. He has contacts in the gnomic underworld, is technically wanted by the Troll King, and is a fanatic for the latest elven gadgetry.

When he gets summoned to court by Queen Titania, he assumes he’s been caught in the middle of a deal to fence some sleepdust that fell off the back of a Sandman. He can’t believe he’s actually been roped into doing a ‘Happily Ever After’ – a Cinderella-style makeover of a human’s life, to ensure that humans start believing in fairies again.

So can the world’s worst fairy make sure his client lives happily ever after?

Tricky. Especially when the wicked sister-in-law steals the wand, and the Fairy King has plans of his own…