An Appreciation of Peri Brown

The Doctor's first American companion, Peri Brown.

The Doctor’s first American companion, Peri Brown.

Being a Doctor Who companion can be a tricky business. Only eleven in the history of the show – eleven in fifty years – have had to cope with the central mystery of the show: regeneration. Ben and Polly are confused for about five minutes, then jump on board with the idea that Hartnell has become Troughton. Sarah-Jane and the Brigadier seem to shrug and the line ‘Here we go again’ covers the miraculous change. Adric, Tegan and Nyssa barely comment that the Watcher ‘was the Doctor all the time’ before helping Davison back to the Tardis. Peri Brown, was the first companion to whom regeneration came as a complete and terrifying shock.


As part of an ongoing series giving in-depth appreciation for the companions of the Doctor, Tony Fyler wrote an appreciation of Peri Brown, the Doctor’s first American assistant, for


Read the piece here.

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