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Twas The Day Of Election

‘Twas the day of Election, and all through the nation,
The people were checking out their polling station.
In halls and in libraries, in school and in college,
The hopes of a nation were tinged with the knowledge
That hope was a promise, an action fulfilled,
A wish may be wished, but a hope must be willed
Into actual fact by all those who show up,
(taking selfies of queues and hashtagging their pup),
To stand by their principles, each way and ever,
To make this democracy our great endeavour,
And send all the cynics who lie, cheat and steal,
To withdraw from our lives with their withdrawal deal.
The rain it poured down on the heads of the voters,
The left, right and centre, the tactical floaters,
And everywhere, everywhere, one cry went out,
‘We know why we’re voting! This election’s about
The shape of our future, the things we believe in!
Our proud NHS, our Remainin’ or Leavin’,
And so we will stand here, though soggy and cold,
We hordes of young voters, we hordes of the old,
Stand up and be counted, our voices heard clear –
At least till the next time, round this time next year…’
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