‘It’s like sending Miss Marple to join the Avengers.’ Angela Barnes, on the #NewsQuiz, talking about Theresa May abroad.   Funny as hell, because Angela Barnes is preeeetty consistently the source of the funniest thing you’ll hear on any given day (Shurrup, you’re a fanboy!), but once I’d heard it, I couldn’t stop myself thinking ‘OMG shut up and take my money – the Marple-Avengers crossover MUST HAPPEN!!!’   Imagine Civil War with extra Marple: ‘Oh hello, Mr Stark, I understand you were intending to walk into Colonel Zemo’s trap?’
‘Trap? What’re you talkin’ about trap? He’s got a bunch of other winter soldiers ready to take down any country he wants. There’s no trap there.’ ‘Oh dear me no…Colonel Zemo reminds me of Alice Pollock’s downstairs maid, you see.’ ‘What? What is she saying? Is that some sort of euphemism? What?’ ‘Well you see, young Dora, that’s the maid of course, she started a rumour about Alice’s Uncle Roderick being a serial philanderer, and everyone thought she had designs on getting him to marry her after a dalliance at the Spring Ball. When of course actually she wanted to muddy the waters and cast suspicion, so that when she murdered him, there’d be any number of suspects for the crime.’ ‘I mean seriously, is she just going to keep talking? Is there an off switch on this woman, do you have to press a panel under the hat or something.’ ‘The point is, Mr Stark, that just like Dora, Colonel Zemo is not interested in power. Only in destruction, you see.’ ‘…Wh…Wait a…Get her on a plane, she’s comin’ with us.’

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