The Lady of Mercia

The cover of The Lady of Mercia.

The cover of The Lady of Mercia.

‘Turlough was just helping me realign the thermocouples.’

‘I’ll bet he was.’

Ah, they don’t write them like that anymore.

Oh wait – actually, they do. What we mean is, they never used to write them like that in the old days. The cheeky double entrendre would never have got past the BBC censor or Mary Whitehouse’s disapproving eyebrows in the 80s. So from the outset, The Lady of Mercia is very much 80s Who, but it’s written with a modernity and a reality of human relationships of which the likes of Amy Pond and Clara Oswald would thoroughly approve. While the double entendre is an unfair representation of the story as a whole, there’s an emotional depth to the storytelling here that feels very New Who, while the setting and the characters are pure 1983.


Tony reviewed The Lady of Mercia from Big Finish. Author Paul Magrs was kind enough to say ‘You write very well’ in return. Delightful man.

Read the piece here.

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