Fortitude, Episode Eleven

A scene from Fortitude, Episode 11.

Fortitude, Episode 11. A great big hole in the ground.

We live in a flawed and imperfect universe.  There are probably theorems to prove this conclusively, whereas Fyler’s Theorem of Fortitude, Episode Eleven only suggests as much with a strong degree of likelihood. In anything but a flawed and imperfect universe, it would be impossible to write and screen a massively expensive, hugely drawn-out frozen miserablist drama series in which characters played by Christopher Eccleston, Michael Gambon and Stanley Tucci die, while the character played by Jessica Raine survives right to the end. Right to the end and beyond, no less, as the astonishing news reaches us that oh yes, Fortitude will be back for a second series.

Tony finally gets to the end of Fortitude, Season 1. There will apparently be more. No-one understands.

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