Tegan Jovanka

Tegan Jovanka.

‘I’m just a mouth on legs’ – but so much more. Tegan Jovanka.

‘Well, that settles it – she’s got to come with us!’

As ‘Welcome to the Tardis’ parties go, it’s not the most promising beginning, and yet Tegan Jovanka is the go-to companion of the Peter Davison era, the one your mind immediately conjures up when you picture the early 80s Tardis. Of the Fifth Doctor’s companions, she’s the one who stays the longest, and the one who lets him get away with least in the way of prevarication, fecklessness or shoddy piloting. In essence, Tegan is the Fifth Doctor’s whetstone – with his personality so much less inherently bluff and commanding than that of his fourth incarnation, it’s Tegan who frequently makes the Fifth Doctor buck his ideas up, or at least gives him an ideal to live up to.

Tony paid tribute to a great 80s companion – Tegan Jovanka.

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