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The Eleventh Doctor #9 – Titan Comics

THe Eleventh Doctor #9 cover

The Eleventh Doctor #9. Things are getting creepy.

The Eleventh Doctor stories from Titan Comics so far have all been part of one long arc, the arc of a corporation called ServeYouInc. It’s a different kind of enemy for the Doctor, harking back to the likes of The Sun Makers, because, as he points out in this issue, you can’t just reverse the polarity of its thingummy-whatsit and be home in time for tea.

Ahead of its release, Tony read and reviewed The Eleventh Doctor #9 from Titan Comics.

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Fortitude – The Story So Far


A cheerful Fortitude round-up.

Fortitude, the new ‘must-see’ drama from Sky Atlantic is a big gamble. It’s staking the biggest budget known to man for a series of its kind – close to £30m – on a combination of beautiful scenery, big name stars and, if the evidence of the first four episodes is anything to go by, a combination of the scattergun-reference strategy from Lost, the ‘close community’ creepiness of Twin Peaks, and the genuinely oppressive miserableness of Nordic noir like The Killing.

Ah, but does it work?


Tony summarised the toing and froing of frostbitten funfest Fortitude for Project Torchwood.

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Twelve Angry Men

Twelve Angry Men

Twelve Angry Men – a great play.

There’s a bizarre, unreasoning additional instinct in Torchwood fans’ brains that looks at David-Lloyd on stage and yell ‘Ianto lives!’

But let’s punch that instinct squarely in the face and let the poor boy have a career beyond Torchwood. The question is – is Twelve Angry Men in an iteration which includes David-Lloyd in the cast actually any good?

Tony popped to the theatre, for a mixture of fantastic drama and a little fanboy enthusiasm, as Gareth David-Lloyd appeared in Twelve Angry Men.

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Robots of Death – Project Torchwood

Robots of Death montage

Robots of Death – still an undeniable classic.

There’s style. And usually, way across the universe on the other end of the creative spectrum, there’s substance. Most of the time, the two glare across the universe of might-be like a pair of squabbling spouses. Like Romeo and Juliet though, occasionally, those crazy kids come together and create something really special.

Almost every Whovian who’s into the Classic series has just nodded and thought ‘He’s talking about Robots of Death.’

Tony looked back at Robots of Death for Project Torchwood. What other story gives you lines like ‘Please do not throw hands at me’?

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The Juggernauts

The cover of The Juggernauts

The Juggernauts – great idea…but does it work?

Terry Nation was an extraordinary writer. Not just once, but three times in an otherwise largely prosaic and workaday career, he bottled sheer creative science-fiction lightning.

Tony took a look at The Juggernauts from Big Finish for the Project Torchwood site. It’s a fascinating story that resurrects an old enemy and tries to make the Mechanoids work as they never quite did on screen.

Does it work?

Read the piece here.

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