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Twelfth Doctor #6

The cover for the Twelfth Doctor #6

The Twelfth Doctor #6 – Welcome to the Fractures.

Titan Comics has set the bar pretty high with its Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor comic-books so far, proving itself, like Big Finish and Virgin Books before it, able to bring the hardcore geekery for fans, while at the same time inventing and expanding freely on the mythos of the show.

Tony reviewed the latest offering from Titan Comics – Twelfth Doctor #6.


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Dark Eyes 4

Cover fpr Dark Eyes 4

Dark Eyes 4 – lots to do, but does it deliver?

Dark Eyes 4 has an almost comic amount of pressure riding on it. It’s the last four of sixteen hours of connected, arc-flowing Who. It has to deliver thrills, tonal changes, some great stuff for Alexander Macqueen’s demento-Master, a resolution that satisfies for Liv Chenka, the Daleks, the Eminence and of course Dark Eyes herself, Molly O’Sullivan.

So does it succeed?

Tony came to the end of a very long audio journey with Dark Eyes 4 – Daleks, Sontarans, the Master – oh my!

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In Conversation With Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith, author. With thanks to Amy for the image.

Tony had the pleasure of chatting to Andrew Smith, TV and audio drama writer. There will be two versions of this interview – one for geeks, given that Andrew Smith has written for Doctor Who, Survivors and Blake’s 7, and one for writers, discussing his technique and the way to find success in TV and audio scriptwriting.

Here we present the geeky version.



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Captain Jack Harkness

Captain Jack Harkness

Captain Jack Harkness – a man it’s very difficult to kill.

It’s been a theme since Doctor Who came back in 2005 that the people the Doctor chooses as companions are special, more than the run-of-the-mill people on a million worlds, whether they know it or not. The corollary to that is that once their time with the Doctor is done, they go on making a difference to the world in which they find themselves, a difference that is their synthesis of their own personality and the Doctor’s example. Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, and even when it comes to it Jackie Tyler become defenders of their Earth. Sarah-Jane is revealed never to have stopped being an ambassador to the Earth’s friends, and an opponent to its enemies. We hear tell of Tegan Jovanka’s work in securing Aboriginal rights, Jo Grant’s continuing fight against The Man, even Dorothy Something – Ace as we knew her – and her work raising millions for A United Earth. Martha Jones even joins UNIT and Torchwood to fight the alien threat to her home planet. The benevolent alien with a magic box changes their lives forever.

Nowhere is the effect of the Doctor’s influence more prominently displayed though than in the changing character of Captain Jack Harness.

Tony pays tribute to one of New Who’s finest companions – Captain Jack Harkness.

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Fortitude Episode Six

DCI Morton

Fortitude episode six – watched practically at gunpoint.

If you’ve watched any episodes of Fortitude up to now, you’ve probably thought they were a bit freaky and creepy and altogether weird.

You might want to put on your crash helmet and strap yourself in for this one.

Tony watched Fortitude episode six. It got a hell of a lot weirder.

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Penguins of Madagascar #4

Penguins of Madagascar #4 cover

Penguins of Madagascar #4 – fun with an arty feel.

The penguins were, let’s face it, the funniest thing in Madagascar, the Dreamworks movie. Some would say they made the whole thing worthwhile. So it’s fitting that the flightless commandos have their own comic-book, courtesy of Titan Comics.

In issue #4, the crack troop decide to break into the Tower of London, during what, as it turns out, is a spate of high-value art pilfers.

Breaking away from the Who for a moment, Tony read up on some feathered friends in Penguins of Madagascar #4.

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Torchwood Children Of Earth

The Torchwood team from Children of Earth.

Children of Earth. We are coming…

The core idea of Children of Earth is simple: in 1965, aliens came to Britain, threatened to unleash a worldwide plague, but offered an antidote in exchange for ‘a gift’ – twelve human children delivered to them, no questions asked. The British government complied.

Now the aliens, known as the 456, are back, and this time they want more. They want ten percent of the children of Earth, or they’ll unleash another plague and destroy the whole species. So the question is: do we love our children enough to die out with them? Or do we sacrifice them to the aliens, and live to look ourselves in the eye another day?

What would you choose?

Torchwood was a great series. Tony argues it reached its peak in season three – Children of Earth.

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The cover for the CD of Equilibrium.

Equilibrium, a weird one, but one which makes a perverse kind of E-space sense.

Whether you enjoy the new series of E-Space adventures from Big Finish really rather depends on whether you enjoyed the original E-Space trilogy with Tom Baker, Lalla Ward and Matthew Waterhouse.

What I mean by that is that there’s a very particular ‘vibe’ to E-Space. We’re not in N-Space any more, Toto.

Tony took another trip to E-Space with the second story in a new trilogy from Big Finish – Equilibrium.

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Fortitude Episode Five

Darren Boyd as Markus Huseklepp

Fortitude episode five – more weirdness from Huseklepp.

‘A [Spoilers Deleted]? A [Spoilers Deleted] killed Charlie? That’s what you’re telling me now?’

That’s a line, fairly early in episode five of Sky Atlantic’s Lost Twin Peakathon, Fortitude, which pretty much sums up the viewer’s reaction to events in the first ten minutes. We’re very much in stretchy credibility territory here, but the show does at least show us something which seems to prove that indeed, yes, a [Spoilers Deleted] killed Professor Charlie Stoddart, played by Christopher Eccleston, back in episode one.

As we almost reach Fortitude episode five, credibility is creaking, says Tony.

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The Tenth Doctor Collection, Vol 1

The cover of the Tenth Doctor Collection.

The first volume of the Tenth Doctor Collection. Explains a lot.

Revolutions of Terrror, despite the fairly naff title, (Good Vibrations was in copyright, perhaps? Bad Vibes sounded too hippy, maybe?) is a story with a lot to recommend it. Writer Nick Abadzis knows his Tenth Doctor, and confidently nails this story into the timeline of the TV show in the aftermath of the DoctorDonna, and the run-up to The End of Time.

Ahead of its release, Tony took a look through the bumper first volume of the Tenth Doctor Collection from Titan Comics, catching up with the origin story of new companion Gabby Gonzalez.


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