Fortitude Episode Nine

A possible shooting in Fortitude episode nine.

A pivotal scene from Fortitude episode nine. Spoilers!

Damn you, Fortitude, episode nine. Damn you all the way to a frozen-over hell and back. You made me do something I swore I’d never, ever do. You made me agree with Jessica ‘Dead Eyes McNoSoul’ Raine.

This is not something I will forget in a hurry.

There’s a moment in episode nine where Jules Sutter, having apparently had the get-out clause of chemical infection snatched away from her, takes her utterly creepy child to the airport, only to discover it’s been shut down just moments earlier. When threatened by an armed deputy, Sutter, played by Raine, and presumably faaaaaairly close to a nervous breakdown, yells ‘Just shoot me then!’

Which, having come through nine of the eleven episodes of this snowblind Twin Peaks update, is sort of how we feel too.

Tony’s patience wore just a little thin with the shenanigans in Fortitude episode nine.

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