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Groundhog Day

Phil Connors, plus groundhog, on Groundhog Day.

It’s cold out there today – Groundhog Day.

Whenever people ask me what my favourite movie is, my first thought is ‘Well…what sort of mood am I in?’ I’m not sure people have just one favourite movie, any more than they have one all time favourite song, and, with over twenty years of geekdom under my belt, you know I have lists – top five, ten and twenty overall movies, comedies, thrillers, dramas, horrors etc. But whenever people ask – and we’re geeks, you know it happens more often than people would imagine – the first name that springs to mind, the film I’d be happiest to be stranded on a DVD-playing desert island with, is Groundhog Day.

On February 2nd, Tony shared a passion for a great funny movie – it’s Groundhog Day!

Read the piece here. Today.

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The Silent Stars Go By

The Silent Stars Go by cover

The Silent Stars Go By – Ice Warriors being…icy.

Before there was Cold War, pitching the Eleventh Doctor and Clara against a lone, though suitably kickass Ice Warrior in the base-under-siege setting of a submarine, there was a sense that it was the Ice Warriors’ ‘turn’ for revamping, for bringing back into the fold as a New Who species.

Tony flipped back through the pages of a story that re-imagined the Ice Warriors in the Eleventh Doctor’s time, before they ever appeared in the 21st century show.

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Nyssa of Traken

Nyssa of Traken

Nyssa of Traken – unlikely travelling companion?

Nyssa of Traken is, on the surface of it, one of the least likely travelling companions the Doctor’s ever had. Polite, quiet, calm and with a sense of aristocratic orderliness that would rarely interrupt a fly, let alone kill one, she doesn’t enter the Tardis of her own free will, or by virtue of her own curiosity – she’s scooped up from a dying world and essentially dumped on the Doctor and his other, more temperamental companions as a fait accompli.

Tony looked at Fifth Doctor companion Nyssa of Traken.

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Regeneration in a Crowded Tardis

The Crowded tardis at the end of Tom Baker's time.

It’s the end – but the moment has been prepared for.

When the Fourth Doctor fell off a radio tower and began to change, his Tardis – and his technical ‘death-bed’ – was full of people with very different ideas about who he was and what that meant.

The trio with whom the Fourth Doctor ended his time were very specifically not people he would normally have chosen to travel round the universe with, and so it’s interesting to contemplate their potential understanding of the world in which they found themselves.

Tony looked back to 1980, when Tom baker was bowing out of Doctor Who, and examines the nature of regeneration in a crowded Tardis.


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