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Domain of the Voord – A Review

Cover of Domain of the Voord

Domain of the Voord. Very very goord.

Domain of the Voord was the story that kicked off a new range from Big Finish audio to replace the longstanding and highly successful Companion Chronicles – the refocused, longer and more full-scope ‘Early Adventures.’ Given that the Companion Chronicles had been much-beloved and had been free to use companions from across the Classic era, it would need to pack a punch and a half to establish the new range, which by definition seems locked into the realms of, at most, the first two Doctors.


You have to ask – who thought it would be a good idea to use the Voord for such a big initial release?

Tony checks out the re-invention of a less than classic enemy on audio. It goes well with Domain of the Voord.

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Maleficent – A Review

Angelie Jolie as Maleficent.

Maleficent’s a word for bad. But was it any good?

Every fairy story needs a villain, a prime mover of the forces of darkness to set the action in motion, and against whom our hero or heroine can triumph.

Malficent was one of Disney’s greats in terms of taking written fairy tales and making them sing (usually literally) in an animated way, up there in dark scary competition with Snow White’s Evil Queen and Cruella De Ville as a hide-behind-the-sofa villainess.

But that was then, in Disney’s landmark animated classic, Sleeping Beauty.

This is now.

Tony went for a spin with one of Disney’s finest, played by one of Hollywood’s modern greats. But was the journey worth it?

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An Ordinary Life – A Review

An Ordinary Life

Come life an ordinary life – rather than a wonderful one?

The first thing to say about An Ordinary Life is that it would never have worked on TV in the mid-Hartnell era. Not only would the domestic settings of Fifties London have been too familiar to have worked as a Doctor Who story, but the Sixties in Britain weren’t that far removed socio-politically, so the idea of the Tardis crew rooming with a newly arrived black family and experiencing the prejudice to which they were subject would have been too near the knuckle certainly for BBC bosses of the day.

Tony went back to the fifties to experience An Ordinary Life with Big Finish.

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Xander and Anya

Xander and Anya

Xander and Anya – a demon and her sex-poodle.

The relationship between Xander and Anya grew from pure surface – they were attracted to each other physically – to a more comfortable, multi-faceted relationship: Xander had an urge to protect Anya, Anya had an urge to do physical violence to those who wanted to harm her ‘sex poodle.’

On Valentine’s Day, Tony took a look at a troubled geek relationship – that of Xander and Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


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Fortitude Episode 3 Review

Stanley Tucci from Fortitude, Episode 3

Stirring coffee. More interesting that Fortitude, Episode 3. Neeeearly.

‘Do it – put me out of my misery’ says Michael Gambon’s character Henry Tyson early into episode 3 of Sky Atlantic’s new Lost On Ice. It’s fair to say that after the first two episodes, I knew pretty much how he felt. But then, just at the point where you’re ready to tear your hair out and scream ‘Freakin’ do something or get off the air!’ – Fortitude finally does something.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in, says Tony after watching Fortitude Episode 3.

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Captain Jack and Ianto

Captain Jack and Ianto

Captain Jack and Ianto. Bring on the heartbreak.

Fade in on Jack and Ianto. Slow to germinate, but dependable as the sunrise, they grew from boss and peon to trusted colleagues, to a couple that ripped the heart out of a world of geeks when they were finally parted. Fade out.

As Valentine’s Day arrived, Tony celebrated one of the great modern geek romances – that between Captain Jack and Ianto, two of Torchwood’s best.

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Willow and Tara

Willow and Tara

Willow and Tara – actually the healthiest Scooby Gang relationship?

Willow Rosenberg always looked too cute to be a vamp-hunting badass. She almost looked like she should be part of the Peanuts gang, rather than the Scooby Gang.

Tara Maclay had a childhood that made most of the Scooby Gang look like privileged aristocrats.

If there is a hallmark to the love of Willow and Tara, it is passion, in both the obvious everyday sense of the word, and the sense encompassed by the moment in life when someone steps in who is so brilliant and breathtaking you can do nothing else but love them.

 Tony celebrated the love between Willow and Tara as Valentine’s Week on WarpedFactor continued.

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Mistfall cover.

The Tardis team go back into E-Space for Mistfall.

Andrew Smith was just 17 when he wrote Full Circle, the third story in Season 18 of Doctor Who.

Now, some 35 years after he first went there, Andrew Smith has gone home to Alzarius, the ‘Planet That Slept’ for the sequel to Full Circle.

Tony took a listen to one of the most eciting Big Finish Doctor Who stories this year – Mistfall.


Read the piece here.

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Geek Couples: Buffy and Spike

Buffy and Spike

Buffy and Spike – Happily Never After.

It’s not easy being a teenage slayer.

Not only does dating have to carry the proviso ‘sure, if I’m still alive and the world hasn’t ended by then,’ but there’s the night shift, the graveyard-fresh aroma, and having to explain to any prospective boyfriend that he’ll always come a close second to Mr Pointy.

Tony took a look at one of pop culture’s geekiest romances – Buffy and Spike.

Read the piece here.

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