The Abandoned

The cover of The Abandoned.

The Abandoned – she who owned the Tardis.

There are, after 51 years in the Tardis, relatively few big questions left about the Doctor’s life. Who were his family, are any of them still alive somewhere, what’s his name (despite the sweet fan-dangle of The Name, Day and Time of the Doctor) and so on. One that’s rarely even mentioned though is the subject of The Abandoned. We know the Tardis was ancient and technically obsolete when the Doctor stole it. Big Finish fans know there was a technician on board at the time. What’s rarely asked though is if the Tardis was ancient by the time the Doctor found her – then whose was she before that? Whose was she when she was in her technical prime?

Tony listened in to the Big Finish story that explained who owned the Tardis in her technological prime – The Abandoned.

Read the piece here.

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