Titan Comics – The Weeping Angels of Mons

Covers of two issues of Titan Comics

The Tenth Doctor in Titan Comics

Part of the fundamental joy about Doctor Who is its freedom to be anything, to go anywhere. That translates into media as freely as it does in the imagination – books, audio plays, online fan fiction, and comic strips are just as fertile a ground in which the Doctor can have adventures as the official TV show. This is a truth that kept the annuals filled, that launched the careers of many of today’s TV Who writers in the Virgin New Adventures, that has kept Big Finish in business for fifteen years, and that since at least the 80s has made the comic strip in Doctor Who Magazine a highly respectable medium in which the Time Lord can live.

It’s time to welcome a new player to the prism of new Who adventures. Titan Comics has commissioned original stories and turned them into comic books, interjecting new ideas into the mythos, giving die-hard fans new sparks for their imagination, and perhaps just possibly even winning some harder core comic book fans to check out the Doctor in other formats too in a geeky medium-crossover.

As WarpedFactor began reviewing Titan Comics titles, Tony read the company’s new adventure, The Weeping Angels of Mons.


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