The Invasion of Time

The cover from The Invasion of Time DVD

The Invasion of Time – a great four-parter, spread over six parts.

The Invasion of Time is one of those curious, courageous things – a six-part Doctor Who story. Some of the best stories in the show’s early history were six-parters – from The Dalek Invasion of Earth through Power of the Daleks and Web of Fear, to The Sea Devils and The Green Death, to Genesis of the Daleks, The Seeds of Doom and The Talons of Weng-Chiang. Then there are those other six-parters: the ones that make you scratch your head and think ‘Really? They needed nearly three hours to do this?’

Tony takes a look back at when things all went a bit weird for the Sontarans -when they launched The Invasion of Time.

Read the piece here.

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