Relative Dimensions

The cover of Relative Dimensions, an audio story by Big Finish

Relatives. Can’t stick ’em. Can’t stick ’em in the time vortex…

Whenever two or three Whovians are gathered together in the Doctor’s name, conversation inevitably turns to who they’d love to see back in the show, who they’d love to see paired up with which Doctor (see our very own Wil’s article on the subject recently – Frobisher forever!).

The joy of course about the New Who, both on screen and especially on audio through Big Finish is that to a large extent, the lunatics (Whonatics? Anyone? Ah, just me then…) have taken over the asylum.

If you’re dreading the annual get-together with distant relatives and cousins you can’t stand, you’ve still got it easy. Tony remembered when the Doctor brought his family home for Christmas Dinner, in the Big Finish story Relative Dimensions.


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