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Nightmare In Silver – WarpedFactor

A poster for Nightmare in Silver

Nightmare in Silver – Evolution of the Cybermen.

The Cybermen have, over the course of their 48 years of Doctor Who history, not been treated well in terms of story. For creatures supposedly governed solely by logic, some of their stories have been tortuously over-complicated, and in others, particularly in recent years, there has been more of a focus on their visual, stompy-monster threat than their philosophical underpinnings or their actual reason for being.

As such, it’s a bit of a mystery why, of all the Cyber-stories in recent years, many fans find Nightmare in Silver to be something of a let-down.


On the evening before the Series 8 Cyber-finale, Tony looked back at the most innovative Cyber-story in recent years, Nightmare in Silver.

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City of Death – Project Torchwood

Scaroth in his white suit

Old Seaweed-Face himself – Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth.

When Doctor Who came back in 2005, many people asked many of the same questions. Would the sets be wobbly? No. Would the companions still be screaming girls? Not unless the situation really called for it. Would the Tardis still be a police box? Yes of course. What story from the past would be the keynote for the future? Well, City of Death, obviously.

As the ninth year of New Who winds up to its finale, Tony looked back to the story from the Classic years that set the tone for success in the 21st century, City of Death.


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Revenge of the Cybermen

Cybermen grab the Fourth Doctor and Sarah-Jane

The Cybermen’s galactic massage service was surprisingly unsuccessful.

What can you say about Revenge of the Cybermen? In the age of million-strong CG Cyber-armies marching in unison across any vista you choose to name, the image of Revenge’s handful of redesigned (no, really, they made them look like that) 70s Cybermen, stooping to get through airlock doors and frankly prannying about in Wookey Hole almost makes you want to ruffle Revenge’s hair and send it out to play with a biscuit.


As the Cybermen invade London, Tony Fyler took an affectionate look back at their only outing during the 1970s, Revenge of the Cybermen, in a piece for

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