In My Lady’s Shadow

The cover of In My Lady's Shadow.

In My Lady’s Shadow, by Siobhan Daiko. Buy it now.

Siobhan Daiko is an online friend of mine – I edited a book of hers a while ago, and we’ve kept in touch since then. Today’s a great day for Siobhan, and for lovers of tightly plotted spooky supernatural time-slip novels – her new book, In My Lady’s Shadow, is out now!

What’s more, on both UK and US Amazon sites, it’s available at a positively silly price for the rest of the day. Go. Go now. Spend a pittance, read a great book. You’ll thank me.

If you’re in the UK, get it for just 99p here.

If you’re in the US, $1.55 gets you hours of enthralling reading here.

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