The Unbearable Mehness of Danny

Danny Pink

The faces of Danny Pink.

When Steven Moffat was launching Series 8, he declared that Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink would be the ‘secret weapon’ of the show in Peter Capaldi’s first year. We know of course that the first rule of modern Who is that Moffat lies. There’s something innately masochistic in fandom that actually on some level likes it that Moffat lies – it allows us to indulge in paranoia and whinging, and to spin theories out of straw and what-ifs, even when the theories have no validity, because in Moffat’s World of Who, anything is technically possible, so even the ridiculous theories are valid until proven otherwise. But fans could be forgiven for a sense of being sold a bill of goods over Danny Pink. He was a secret weapon inasmuch as he destroyed the Cybermen (thanks for that, PE), but otherwise – meh.


After Series 8 of Doctor Who had ended, Tony reflected on the Unbearable Mehness of Danny Pink.

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