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WarpedFactor – The Omen Trilogy

The young Damien Thorn, smiling.

The young Damien Thorn. Butter wouldn’t melt…

Proving that it’s not all about the Who, Tony went back to the seventies to reckon the number of the Beast, with an appreciation of the original Omen trilogy.

Judaeo-Christian mythology has always been a fertile ground for fictional interpretation: from Dante’s Divine Comedy to Milton’s Paradise Lost and CS Lewis’s Screwtape Letters. In 1976, author David Seltzer took the premise of 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby – the birth of the son of Satan through the collaboration of a coven of would-be worshippers – and imagined what would happen if the premise were played out on a larger, more worldwide canvas. What would happen if the coven of Satanists planted the AntiChrist not in a suburban family, but one with wealth and political power? What would happen then?

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WarpedFactor – Evelyn Smythe

Maggie Stables played Doctor Evelyn Smythe.

Maggie Stables played Doctor Evelyn Smythe.

In light of the recent passing of actress Maggie Stables, Tony Fyler pays tribute to the character she played in the Big Finish audio stories, Evelyn Smythe.

The latest in the WarpedFactor series of Companion Pieces was unfortunately triggered by the sad passing of actress Maggie Stables. Evelyn Smythe, her character in the audio chronicles of Doctor Who by Big Finish, touched many listeners and established the potential of an older companion in the generally young world of 21st century Who. Tony wrote an appreciation of the character as a gentle tribute to the actress.

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WarpedFactor – Six of One

Peter Capaldi dressed in Sixth Doctor outfit.

Capaldi doing a Baker.

If you’re a true Doctor Who fan then change is something you have to embrace, even if it at first seems very drastic, as Tony Fyler explains…


Tony Fyler compares the rough ride given to Peter Capaldi by some fans to the situation encountered by Sixth Doctor Colin Baker, thirty years before. He argues it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other.

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Orion Editor Reviews Initial Chapters of ‘Wonderful’

The cover art for Wonderful.This website launched in August 2014 with the news that Wonderful, Tony’s comic fantasy novel, had been selected for a professional critique by a leading publisher.

The verdict from Orion editor, Marcus is in. Here it is:

Orion Editor critique of Wonderful.

I very much enjoyed what you’ve done here, although it might be a hard sell. Comedic fantasy – with a few very honourable exceptions – is a difficult genre to work in and, while this is one of the best I’ve seen, there is some work to be done. That said, this is one of the cleanest MS I’ve seen from You Write On, and certainly the one that I’ve made the least comments and tweaks to.

The synopsis needs the most work: you really need to get it down to a page before you submit to agents/publishers. (I am aware that this was for YWO, not submission, so apologies if you already know this). It also seems to me that perhaps there’s too much going on – I question whether you’ll be able to fit it all in a reasonable word count, but the proof will, of course, come in the writing.

Everything should be in the comments, but overall there’s a lot to be proud of here. I have no real qualms about the quality of the work, or the basic concept. It will just be vital for you to find the exact right agent and editor who share your sense of humour and are willing to take a punt on a traditionally difficult area of publishing. I really hope you find them!

Marcus, Editor, Orion


All in all, this is positive commentary – the synopsis was written in too much of a hurry, and the single scene that needed most work has been entirely rewritten. So – now on to the end, and the business of getting the book out into the wider world.

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