60k Done

The number 60 in fireworks

60k done. Smug mode engaged.

Feeling smug now.

A good long weekend on the writing front. I’ve broken through two barriers: I’ve now got a manuscript of 200 pages (double-spaced, TNR 12), and I’ve also passed through the 60,000 word barrier.

On that basis, the draft of the book should be ready this time next month. Then I have a month to edit the bejeesus out of it and sell it.

Granted, in the edit, there are things I’ll need to change – need to add a couple of short, two-paragraph scenes in, but I know what they are and more or less where they should go. I also know roughly what the next 50 pages need to accomplish.


Going to have quite a mad week – have a magazine to finish, and a couple of online articles to write, but if I can reach 75k by Friday, I’ll be satisfied. Let’s see, shall we?


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