WarpedFactor – Debut: The Christmas Invasion

David Tennant in his debut as The Doctor, looking out of the Tardis

Did you miss me? Ohhhhh yes we did.

This was New Who’s Trouhgton moment. Eccleston and Piper had conquered the cynics, turned a nation of women and girls onto Doctor Who by the equality of the companion, and got us all weeping or clutching our hearts with their chemistry, their loving care of each other, and that goodbye. Now some interloper was coming into the Tardis, all teeth and spiky hair and the body of a whippet on a crash diet. How could he possibly take the place of everyone’s new favourite Doctor? Especially if he was going to lay about in bed for the vast majority of the episode?

Continuing WarpedFactor’s look back at some of the best debuts in Doctor Who history, Tony Fyler pulls on his Santa Claus hat and delved into The Christmas Invasion – the first story of a relatively indie actor called David Tennant.

Read the piece here.

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