WarpedFactor – Debut: Rose

The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler

The Doctor and Rose: ‘Run!’ – and we ran with them.

There are debuts, and then there are debuts. The risks involved in resurrecting Doctor Who in the 21st century were huge. The TV Movie had shown that even the most well-intentioned attempts to bring back the Doctor could flounder and die in the age of the internet, mobile phones, new lads and ladettes. Aliens wandering around looking like Bill Hickock, companions who screamed and needed rescuing all the time, cackling villains and monsters that looked like cruet sets all began to seem a bit twee, a bit 20th Century.

The reinvention of the show in 2005 would probably be the last throw of the Doctor Who dice. If it didn’t work this time, it would probably be regarded as an idea whose time had come and gone.


As WarpedFactor continues its look back at some of the best debut stories in the history of Doctor Who, Tony Fyler gets lucky and lands Rose, the make-or-break first episode of the reinvented show from 2005. On this episode depended the future bueprint of what the show would be going forward, and Fyler argues it was a superbly judged and impeccably written piece of television that stamped the show’s new values, most notably that the companion would be front and centre, and of equal value with the Doctor, firmly on 21st century Who.

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