WarpedFactor – The Ways of the Doctor

All twelve Doctors in a line.

How many other entirely different interpretations could there be?

If you look at any of the many ‘collected Doctor’ images that were circulating last year, it’s a mark of the various visions throughout the history of the show that you can sum up each Doctor in one or two words, denoting the overall core tone of their time and their portrayal. The Mystery, the Clown, the Action Hero, the Benevolent Alien, the Young Gentleman, the Bombast, the Manipulator, the Romantic, the Warrior, the Survivor, the Geek and the Nutty Professor. With all the signs from the production office being that Peter Capaldi will play the role as the Dark Lord – imperious, alien, prone to Tiberian melancholy maybe and relishing danger and dark places as a way of atoning for the mistakes of his long life, one question forces itself on the viewer: how many other interpretations of the Doctor can possibly be out there?


Tony’s relationship with the WarpedFactor geeks continues to grow. Here, just days before the official launch of the Capaldi era of Doctor Who, he casts a speculative eye over some of the ways in which the Doctor has yet to be played, and asks – how many more original interpretations are there available?


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