Tony Fyler – Now On Combom Too

The new place to find Tony Fyler's views on all things Who.

The new place to find Tony Fyler’s views on all things Who.

Thanks for a real spoiler free review. This little glimpse into series 8 is what the Doctor ordered.

Best review I’ve read of this episode so far – really heartfelt. Thank you.

As the timeline of this news feed makes clear, Tony writes a lot for, an online home for geeks of all persuasions. But after offering the geeks at the Combom site a different version of the spoiler-free review of Deep Breath (episode 1 of the new series of Doctor Who), they were kind enough to report back that the review had gone down very well with some readers, and the site was looking for writers.

As a result, Tony is now a contributor to that site too. As such, anything he writes for Combom will now appear in the news feed. Twice the exposure, twice the geekiness. Get your anorak on, it’s nearly Who time.

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