Pulling A Late One

Pulling a late one.

Good sentiment, MUCH too small mug.

The truism that people are busier when they’ve retired than they were when doing a ‘regular’ job seems to hold true in the sense of creative endeavour too. Yesterday I spent the majority of the day preparing for the accountant. Today, I’ve spent most of the day talking to the accountant (for the business, incidentally – I’m just as much of a starving artist as any of you!). The result is that at close to 9 pm, I have yet to write anything creative today.

This is not the sort of thing that needs to happen. I have the urge to write, and the ideas to write, and even technically now the time to write, but still, as yet, today has seen me write nothing.

There have been positive developments though – the notification that I’d earned a professional critique, with which news we launched this site, has today materialised into the request for a two-page synopsis, within three days. This will go along with my opening chapters (yes, the opening chapters I’ve now added to and changed significantly) and within 4-6 weeks, the pro crit will come back.

I’ve also had a stunning image through of a character in Wonderful, and as predicted, it’s both inspired me, and got me thinking about ways in which to re-write the character for more funny dialogue.

Tomorrow, there will be nothing written until at least the evening, as I’m going to Cardiff for the world premiere of the new series of Doctor Who.

So tonight, after dinner, I’m going to come back to my office and just write. Not Facebook, not Twitter, not even jump on this website. Just…write.

This seems like such a stupidly simple thing to say, but if one thing has come home to me over the last few days, it’s how easy it is to squander your writing time. The procession of gnats that make up daily life, besides a home life, a family, and the other commitments of daily life, can make you wonder where the days have gone. So tonight, in the grand tradition of students the night before an exam, I’m going to be pulling a late one – just me, one angel, one demon, one suicidal human and the shenanigans in which they get involved. Tonight, I will be a teenager again, drinking coffee and in all probability laughing at my own jokes, late into the night and on into morning.


I’m really looking forward to it.

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