FylerWrites Announced at WarpedFactor

The WarpedFactor.com logo, featureing populare TV spaceships.

Thank you, WarpedFactor.com.

The lovely, geeky people at WarpedFactor.com have this morning run a news story all about the launch of this site, the novel writing project, and the plans of Tony Fyler to join the novelist community.

It should be said that for geeks of all fandoms, WarpedFactor combines the latest news, hot off the presses, and a very wide range of insightful feature pieces (some of them, though by no means the most insightful) written by Fyler.

If you have an inner geek, let it out, it’s probably suffocating in there. Let it dance, and sing, and revel in the pleasure of its own geekitude. Bookmark www.WarpedFactor.com and check back every day for new features, hot news and the best in cross-fandom opinion.

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