The Night Before

And so it begins.

Much of the day has been spent making sure this website is basically intact, ready to be the platform for the next three months, and my writing challenge. Now it’s the night before I begin, and it feels oddly wonderful. It feels like being on the brink of some sort of holiday, but a holiday away with my own characters, on their adventures. I’m looking forward to seeing where they take me.

I know the stories of my first two novels in at least broad terms, but it’s going to be a challenge – a real, hard-work challenge – seeing where the stories go in terms of the nitty gritty. Do my story ideas work with real characters? Will they make sense? Will the tone be right? Am I sure which readership I’m aiming at?

I think I know the answers to all these questions. But the point is that as an editor, I’ve seen plenty of authors who think they know the answers to these questions, but with my outside eyes, I’ve been able to advise them that the answers they think they know are actually not evident in their manuscripts. So while the adventure feels wonderful, I’m trying to be realistic and self-aware of the level of challenge involved in the next three months.

Realistic, but ultimately positive. I’m looking forward to this.

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