The Power of Visualisation

I’ve been working with fellow author and superb illustrator, P.S. Brooks, to visualise some of the characters in my books. He’s done a superb job with Peony, my scientist fairy. Peony’s also a long-distance flying champion, so Patrick has delivered her in a number of outfits.

Peony, a flower fairy, dressed for flying.

Peony, the scientific fairy, suited up to fly into adventure. Artwork by

Peony now has a proper flying helmet, as she’s also a champion long-distance flyer. She has bronze, silver and gold flying badges, won in various competitions. She has proper leaf-boots and a truffle-leather flying jacket. The jacket, and the pockets on her camo pants, are sealed not with zips and buttons, but with the enchanted “mouths” of venus fly traps, which only she can open without losing a finger.

Peony, a flower fairy in a white lab coat

Peony at home, in her lab coat. Artwork by

At home, relaxing, Peony dons her lab coat, which is slowly being imbued with her flower-fairy nature, just as her flying jacket and her dress were before it.

The power of visualisation is that it opens up your characters to new levels of thinking.
I’ll be re-writing many of Peony’s scenes from the 1st August to take account of Patrick’s superb visualisations.

Enjoy the continued talents of P.S. Brooks, ladies and gentlemen.

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