Welcome To A World

Hammersmith, Bailey and Hark - Wonderful.

Hammersmith, Bailey and Hark – Wonderful. Image from PSBrooks.com

Welcome to a world.

This is a world where you’ll find out what fairies get out of the whole “You shall go to the Ball” deal – and what happens if you decide you don’t want to go.

A world where  a Guardian Demon discovers what, exactly, makes it such a wonderful life.

A world where an alien detective searches for missing dimensions; where swords break free and run the government; where you’ll find out why genies were trapped in bottles in the first place, and what to do if there happens to be a beanstalk at the bottom of your garden. A world of Fascist dragons, and an apprentice Devil for whom “You’re Fired!” has a whole other connotation. A world where witches teach physics and fairies do science, and where Fate can never quite resist a dare.

You should feel at home here. This is our world – almost.

Peony, Clint and Tubal Cain

Peony, Clint and Tubal Cain – will any of them live happily ever after?
Image from PSBrooks.com

The funny fantasy world of Tony Fyler will take you on adventures that are close to home, but where the creatures of myth and legend are hiding just behind the curtains. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pause for thought, but most of all, you’ll turn the page right to the end.
Welcome to your new world.